why carry pepper spray when you have a tripod?


I took myself on a solo photo excursion this evening. I walked downtown armed with only my camera and tripod. The sun was still up when I left the house and it was still kind of warm (not windy like yesterday evening) so it was a rather pleasant walk. I have to say that if you're going to go on a photo excursion either go by yourself or with other people who are interested in taking as many photos as you are... otherwise the people you are with will only disrupt your creative processes (unless of course they are modeling for you). But tonight I didn't care about any of the looks I may have gathered by my camera gear... I stopped and set up my tripod on sidewalks, I shot around people, I moved in and around a salsa dance class... I sat on the floor, I stood on chairs, I set my tripod up on tables... I took over the place, and the owner asked me for some of the photos I took. But I really need to go to bed, I have to go up to campus tomorrow which means I will have to wake up earlyish so I can eat and catch the bus in order to get there for my team meeting in a timely fashion.

oh, I think this is my favourite shot of the night... also one of the last shots of the night too. And closest to where I'm staying too, it's the laundromat down the street.

bon nuit.

and p.s. I'm sorry