and the groom wore white...


Finished editing wedding photos this evening. I had been working on it for two weeks... and although I enjoy the creative processes involved, I really need a program that provides a better workflow environment for batch editing, tagging, saving copies, etc. My current setup works, but I pared down approx. 463 photos to 275, all edited... and then I had to save copies of all the edits and move them to new folders, rename them... the list goes on and on. But I have to say that I'm pleased with the edits. The actual ceremony venue was not the greatest, but the outdoor shots turned out nicely. This photo was slightly overexposed, but I quite like the high contrast look that is achieved by converting it to bw. W. used it in the DVD menu and I find that it looks quite sharp.

Anyhow, I couldn't resist and I posted a set of edits. I think most of the pictures I took, but it is quite possible that some of W.'s slipped in there too, just keep that in mind (Correction: How could I be so dumb? W. took the photo above. 2nd Correction: I just checked the original files and I lied, this overexposed wonder was taken by me... ). I've created a wedding photoset with all of the wedding photos that I've posted to my flickr photostream. Check it out and make sure to tell your friends who are looking for wedding photographers that W. and I are very talented photographers looking for work.