alms for the poor


christmas in august
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Made a mad dash trip to Prince George yesterday. Met with sister, niece and nephew briefly... took some photos at Fort George Park and by the fountains at the Prince George Civic Centre.

It was a beautiful sunny day and I held my own and did not spend any money. School is on the way you see and I need to pay certain expenses before I make any kind of frivolous purchases like a canon 50mm portrait lens (which if anyone wants to buy me a birthday present it's only $129 at McBain Camera). But being unemployed and destitute I probably shouldn't even be spending money on contact solution... such is the fate of the poor, to also be blind.

anyhow, I must lunch and then get back to editing wedding photos (all while dreaming about the day that I might one day escape the pull of FSJ and run away to the bright lights and big city).