open your ears


What media player are you using? If you aren't using iTunes, switch now (it's free)... if just for their cool, cool podcast integration (you can search and subscribe through the iTunes music store).

Right now I'm listening to PodQuiz, and doing horribly I might add... but you know how I love trivia. I also subscribe to Coverville and CBC Radio 3. W and I listened to Engadget on the way to PG, and I'm a bit of a geek so I'll probably subscribe to that too (if just so I can be up to date on all those new gadgets that emerge on the scene). You can also subscribe to podcast king Adam Curry's podcast, an Ebert and Roeper podcast, Quirks and Quarks... the list goes on and on.


  1. podcasts are fantastic. I spend all day at work listening to CBC Radio 3 and Quirks and Quarks. good times.

  2. good times indeed... where would we be without the CBC?