channeling angelina jolie


It's positively amazing what one can create with next to no web design knowledge. It won't be a surprise to most people that I've spent the day on the computer working on my various school related projects. I could have saved some things for next week but I wasn't feeling all that great this morning when I woke up so I did not leave the house right away. And thanks to the vicious circle of computer worked, my morning and afternoon disappeared. But at least I can feel productive. My website assignment for my multimedia class is basically finished. I made a faux photography site, complete with rollover images, navigable photo gallery, and custom headers. I just need to add more text and fix the navigation a bit. I modified this template from the macromedia site. It's pretty tiny and simple, but I'd never created a website in dreamweaver before so send your insults somewhere else please. In other school related news my audio assignment is finished as well (it's two person soap opera), and all I have left to do for that class is editing video which I'll do during the week.

And since I have been ridiculously unsocial today, I'm heading out to take pictures of downtown and my classmates who are going salsa dancing at Cafe Casablanca tonight. I promised myself a photo excursion yesterday but I didn't get home until late last night and I was too tired to do anything except complain and write ridiculously dramatic emails. So I'm taking the rest of the night off to take some photos like I had intended to do for the past two weeks but because of my cold things turned out otherwise. I'm so dedicated that I'm even taking my tripod with me... and I'm walking downtown. Now that's what I call dedication.

Tomorrow I'm off to the university to work with my group on our case study presentation. I need to get as much done tomorrow as possible because I need the beginning of the week to rehearse with my group and prepare my submission for the "entertainment committee."

my goal for the night... take some fabulous photographs.