darth vader on the violin


It's a quiet Sunday afternoon in Victoria and I am lamenting my lack of my particular note-taking pen. I've used the same type of pen throughout my entire education and I forgot to bring one with me and I haven't been to a store here in Victoria that carries that particular pen. I'm making do without, but it's amazing how much I prefer that pen type to any others. It's one of my peculiarities I guess, but this pen had the perfect fine tip nib. How could I have been so foolish as to not bring it with me?

Anyhow, this year's residency is considerably different from last year. Not just because I'm staying off campus, but also because we are doing more seminar based courses with less written assignments. I'm usually one of those freaks that would rather be writing an essay than doing little assignments in class, but since I have had a rancid cold since Wednesday I can't really complain. It's a pity to be sick now, because it's gorgeous outside and I should be outside enjoying the sun but I'm too tired. I have been trying to be social... I watched the Dragon Boating at the Esquimalt lagoon yesterday afternoon, and today I wandered around downtown with some people from my program... Where I saw Darth Vader playing the violin outside of the Bay Centre (I have some photos of Vader and his violin, but in my sickness I'm not feeling motivated enough to download the photos on to my computer). But the folks from my program went their separate ways to eat lunch and such... and I thought if I were to spend any money, I'd rather it be on something other than restaurant goods. So I looked for an inexpensive dress to wear to my final banquet. I found a few dresses that I liked in the sales rack at Jacob but it came down to two dresses... one was a grey sheath with a bit of a flared bottom, the other a flowy aquamarine silk number. I deliberated for a long time... which I hated doing because I was by myself and I was quite torn between the two. I was considering my current wardrobe (like my surplus of clothing in the blue/teal/turquoise/aquamarine range) and attire I might wear to take wedding photos. Since I had no fashion consultant with me to help me make my decision I had to go by fit. The grey dress was very nice and would be great to take wedding photos, but it was boring and made my bum look flat and was really better suited for the office. So, I went for the aquamarine dress (which I almost switched for the same style but in celadon). The dress was originally $110 but I got it for much, much cheaper. 75% off actually... Anyhow, I'm pleased with my purchase. It's the only thing I will be buying during my stay in Victoria (well other than the Nalgene water bottles that I got on sale the other day). I then headed to Lens and Shutter on Fort for some window shopping before trundling home in my sparkly pink shoes.

I do have one good thing to say about being sick... it makes me fall asleep right away.


  1. I love Nalgene bottles... but I heard the same company makes the device used to hold down lab rats and mice while the perform tests on them.

    Can anyone confirm or deny this claim?

  2. Editor's note:
    "... while they* perform tests on them."