minimalist in miniature


aye... tomorrow I head back to the island for three weeks of "intensive" on campus studying, before I head into the varying intensity online distance learning portion of my degree. I'm going to be a minimalist during these three weeks, packing only absolute essentials. This means I will be repeating outfits during my three week stay. If I were truly high maintenance I don't think I could handle that, but as I am a talented actress in the off-season I think that it won't bother me to let my peers see me in the same clothing combination more than once. I only want to take one suitcase you see... last year I took two because I was in Victoria for closer to 6 weeks and the hassle was too much for me and my muscular arms.

One might ask if I am mentally prepared for my journey. However, I am an odd character, and for some things I obsess for days on end, but for others I cross my hands and my thumbs, extend my fingers outward and make a flapping motion to represent how my spirit is as free as a bird and able to flutter in any which direction. So, no... I have not been mentally preparing myself for school. I have read a couple of the articles I was supposed to, I'll read the rest on the plane or on the ferry ride over on Monday morning. I'm not concerned. Anyhow, must go eat some lunch.

I had thought that I would be able to go on a photo excursion today before I departed, but the weather is not looking peachy keen... so that might dampen my zest and zeal for an outdoor location. Something will come up I'm sure. The heavens will open up and sunlight will come pouring down. Who knows?

I'm off to find some lunch. My next post will be from sunny Vancouver island where I expect to indulge excessively in photography. Models beware...


  1. Best of luck in Victoria. I'm sure it is very beautiful there.