some things I can't explain...


This is a pretty boring photo. Just some cool equipment from the film set for Xmen3 that was filming at Royal Roads (my university campus for any of those who don't know). Anyhow, it's my most viewed photo now. At 7400 views which is absolutely crazy insane.


  1. hey raffaella i am a huge fanatic x-men fan and have been since i was like 2. and i can honestly say that the reason why there are so many people viewing this particular pic is that there are so many of us x-fanatics out roaming the dont even realize how cool it is that they are not only making super hero movies these days but they are making 90 percent of them really good and actually listining to the fans. anyway you are so lucky to be at the same campus as where they are filming the x3 movie. i would do just about anything for that!!!
    p.s. i love your pics you are such a great artist.
    keep it up and dont listen to the negative stupid sheep people.

  2. oh yeah raff you can reach me at
    feel free to email me anytime from one artist to another.