revisiting the classics...


I needed something to read during a solitary lunch the other day... something that I hadn't read (ever or in a long time). Anyhow, in my quick scan of my household's bookshelves I came across The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. It really is quite good. I remember reading the abridged version when I was a youngster (tip on how to encourage reading and introduce young children to the classics, let them read the abridged/condensed paperback versions that you used to be able to buy at the grocery stores. I mean really, how many 8-10 year olds can you really get to read Dickens?) but I don't think I ever read more than one or two full length orginal text versions of any of the short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Anyhow, I'm just listening to the most recent Coverville podcast (subscribe, it's quite good... I found this podcast to be amusing because the host's son came down to the basement to play and you can totally tell that he's being distracted by all the noise... but he rolls with it...) before I head off to bed to read a little more of Holmes and his adventures with Watson. I'm reminded of my youth when I used to read one of the classic yellow hardcover Nancy Drew books before bed. Except Sherlock Holmes is a far more fascinating character than Nancy ever was with her titian hair and her boyfriend Ned Nickerson. Nancy never did heroin to clear her mind. Boring Nancy.

good night all...


  1. agreed, nancy has nothing on sherlock. anyone who does heroin because they are bored, and frequents opium dens is much superior to anyone dumb enough to date a 'ned'. haha