the beauty of unstructured free time...


siren or skilled mariner...
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There is a TOC in the class again today... so this morning was a little wild.

However, unbeknowst to me the class was scheduled to go skating for half of the morning. So, I am here at the school supervising the four students who forget to bring their skates and were unable to find skates that fit out of the spares that were in the basement supply room.

So, now the students and I are enjoying some unstructured free time. We're all on our ibooks and thanks to the wonder of remote desktop I know what they are doing at all times. The class is gone until lunch - so in about half an hour we're going to go to the gym with the other EA who works in the class and the students will get to play their sport of choice. What a well rounded morning it will be.

And I just learned that I might have to TOC in the afternoon in this class. Which would be most fun... and mean that I can recoup the costs of my recent extravagances in the city (which really were not that extravagant...)