wash the ugliness away...


ode to pontius pilate
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this afternoon my ugliness was on display.

I needed to wash the nastiness away but I could not motivate myself to venture out of doors to take any pictures. Where I could travel by foot (reasonably) just did not interest me photographically. So I decided to explore the rooms nearby with my camera.

It's funny that when I'm getting a little tired of being in front of the computer I always end up back in front of it. But my ugly mood needed brightening - and I lacked a wide variety of upbeat music to continue with the therapy most thoughtfully provided via a long distance telephone call. However, my photographic journey in my basement ended up being a very good thing, because I found the cd case with copies of a lot of the music I thought I had lost in the great music crash of 2005. That discovery gave me a great deal of pleasure.

and I've been slowly ridding myself of what is left of my afternoon ugliness with the help of Rufus Wainwright. He's hardly what anyone could call upbeat, but hey... I've got to work with what I have.