my shelves have runneth over


but I don't care...

I continually seek out more reading materials. I have just read that Margaret Atwood, one of my favourite authors, has published yet another book, to be released tomorrow.

Here is an excerpt entitled Encouraging the Young by Atwood.

I've added it to my amazon wishlist (currently at 89 items), which I last visited about a year ago and I've only half heartedly updated tonight. I think I have a voucher or two for amazon so I should make a book order before they expire. I really don't know what I'm going to do with my books when I move. They weigh so bloody much and having moved them all several times before, well I think I'm just going to have to make friends with a trucking company or something.

yes, I meant an entire trucking company. I have a lot of books.

oh, and I made the interestingness stream on flickr with this little self portrait. It's on pg. 1 now, but originally I found it on pg. 2. Honestly, I get lots of views on the oddest photos on my photostream. If only I was able to generate a little cash from all these views, then I might be able to achieve my dream of buying a Canon 5D.

In other news, after a somewhat fitful sleep last night which lead to me waking up dreadfully early this morning, I was happy to be greeted with the news that Adobe had released the beta version of Lightroom (their counter Aperture program). The Windows version of Lightroom hasn't been released yet, so I'm trying out the program on my little white beast (which to give an update, due to it's size and portability has become my default computer... it's major flaw however is the screen and I have more headaches from working on this machine than my workhorse). Even at my very amateur photographic state I still need to find a better workflow for editing my photos. I don't like iPhoto (other than it's simple photobook tools), and I haven't spent enough time with iView Media Pro. Oh well, just give me time.

However, that's enough of a report from me this evening. I'm feeling lovely and chipper, like a regular Pollyanna. And a Pollyanna, for those of you who don't get the reference, is an excessively cheerful and optimistic person. You might remember the Disney film of old, or the book of even older.