fight a cold with cold...


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Today was particularly sunny outside... and after three days of being cooped up inside with my most recent sickness I decided to escape the cofines of my dungeon studio and go for what would be called a daily constitutional if I can count walking to and from work each week day.

I strolled with my camera downtown... or really, past downtown and to Centennial Park where the city is preparing for the upcoming High on Ice festival. I don't actually know if it's called High on Ice again this year, but even if it isn't that is what I'm going to call it because it has to be the most ridiculous name for a family friendly winter carnival. Somehow, the connotations of the festival name seemed to slip past the naming committee. I will continue to laugh heartily at that one for a long time.

As is common knowledge, I recently lost the regular company of my model muse to the bright lights of the city. So, I have gone back to shooting solo. It's better than it used to be... perhaps because now I'm a little more bold in my photo taking... I can ignore the strange looks that I get when I'm crouched low trying to get a different perspective of a building or tree. It's hard not to feel a little silly when taking a self portrait - but today I faced that fear and shot away with nearly wild abandon.

I really don't know what I would do with myself in this town if I didn't have my camera. My brain would probably shrivel up and I'd start working at the Cold Beer and Wine store just so I could have access to the free liquor samples. Then my Friday nights wouldn't be so empty.

oh, I'm most amusing.

in other news I have to report that the Adobe CS2 continues to impress me. Adobe Bridge is a far superior way of navigating through the photos I have on my computer... the filmstrip view was a much required improvement.

That's all for now... must get back to my editing before an early bedtime.