hats off...


There are many sayings that I am not too keen on. Well, I should specify that I'm not keen on these certain sayings unless they are done in a tongue in cheek fashion. I once had an instructor who was fond of talking about the different hats that we must wear within the academic writing class that he was teaching. For the purposes of this blog post I will exaggerate and say that this instruction overused this expression (but I don't really remember but we can ignore that little memory lapse). Well today at work this many hats expression jauntily posed itself on to my head and flattened my otherwise bouffant hair. You see, today in addition to my EAII hat I also got to put on my unofficial tech support chapeau, helping out one of the other teachers with Apple Remote Desktop. The miniscule amount of savvy that I have for this program is due largely in part to my recently geographically departed chum... so to him I tip the brim of my fedora, toss my beret in the air, and hoot and holler while waving my ninety gallon stetson.

I would also like to stop clinging with both hands to my cloche and in the most excited fashion carelessly throw it aside all while flinging my pageboy cap off my head... all in the name of technological cooperation, for this morning I received a letter composed with pen and paper but then photographed with a digital camera and sent to me via email attachment. It was nearly the perfect blend of the joy of receiving a hand written letter in the mail with the instant gratification of email. So really, the best of both types of asynchronous communication.