beginning is easy - continuing is hard*


(*Japanese proverb)

I went to bed ridiculously early last night and much to my surprise I actually managed to sleep the majority of the night, minus a few brief periods were I woke up because my mind as usual is a little restless. So now I am awake at this ungodly hour for a Sunday, trying to decide whether it is a good idea for me to really get started on all the things I didn't get finished yesterday because I went to sleep far too early.

I've been a bit of a planning mode lately... looking into a couple different short term programs that I could complete to supplement my B.A which although fascinating is leading me towards more corporate work that I don't really want. The more I work in my current job the more I really like the one-on-one time I get working with the students. Pursuing a post-degree program in Education is an option as well, but I'm just not sure whether I want that much work... since a huge part of me would like to continue with my photographic pursuits, even if photography was only ever to be a kind of side distraction in addition to whatever other work I might have. I need the creative outlet in order to cling to my notion that I am even the tiniest bit artistic.

But as my post title would suggest, beginning is always easy (such is the case with this blog post as well because I just took an hour snooze in between these sentences). I know I have a problem with continuing things... I must work to correct that flaw.


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