living my life like a novel


I think that I must be trying to live my life like a David Adams Richard novel. If you have read any of his works you are almost always left depressed and wondering how can so much bad happen to these characters. They just have a constant run of bad luck and even when things look like they're turning for the better something happens to make their situation even worse than it was before (Okay, it's really only one Richard's novel that I'm thinking of in particular but really I just wanted to make a literary reference so it was either Richards or Rohinton Mistry). Although my luck hasn't taken a turn for the worse yet, I fear that it might because I have been afflicted with a loose tongue syndrome and whenever I open my mouth to speak I keep on getting progressively stupider and stupider with what I say. It's as if when I opened my mouth tonight my tongue leapt out and ran down the hallway all the while shouting out all these things that no one needed to know (and yes, I'm well aware that the tongue doesn't actually speak). Communicating is a fine balance (there, I tied in Mistry... I can go to sleep content).


  1. I don't know how to get family matters into the comment but they do. Please do tell me what you're talking about. I certainly hope that you're pants aren't on fire.