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best seat in the house
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Picture this...

a cold, frosty morning in Northern British Columbia and the LC (greyhound loser cruiser) pulls into town. On the bus is a colourful array of characters... the majority dressed in sweats and smelling like vomit and stale beer. As the passengers file from the bus the depot is suddenly awash in a sea of ratty hair, cigarette smoke and a smattering of crying infants. Suddenly, a figure breaks out from amongst the crowd, like a gazelle fleeing from a herd of hungry lions.

If you read the above paragraph closely enough you will understand that I was that figure fleeing like a gazelle. Yes, it is true. I recently was a passenger on the greyhound bus cruise line. I was lucky enough to spend the last few days in Edmonton for a mad dash combination of kareoke observation (I didn't indulge in the performances on this occasion), Canon 5D trial, intense shopping complete with bubble tea, a jovial New Year's dinner and after dinner party, a cruise around evening Edmonton, cinematic pursuits, and an inauthentic Australian dinner.

I might provide more specific details later. I'm quite tired and I need to get some sleep since I go back to work tomorrow.


  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself. I certainly did. Now sleep well and have a good day tomorrow.