uno ex plures


be silent as to services you have rendered, but speak of favours you have received.

My current work schedule is pretty ideal for my fluctuating iron levels. I wouldn't mind a few more hours a week so I could supplement my little collection of camera equipment and other assorted accessories, but I really can't complain too much. I like finishing early in the afternoon so I spend a quiet hour recuperating from the bustle of activity at work and should I ever have the opportunity to actually indulge in something extracurricular I can and not appear the sluggish social sloth. But about work... I had a good day today. As I was heading home I checked my mailbox and there was a Christmas card that I hadn't received before the holiday break. The card itself wasn't what was exceptional, rather the message inside which besides wishing me all the best in the New Year, etc, etc... also thanked me for work with the students I assist and made special note of how the students are thriving with the "technological tips" that I've been providing them. The little note made my day (as would nearly any type of unsolicited praise) because I've been particularly passionate about helping the students find ways to use the tools that are available to them in much more effective ways than they had been previously. I can't tell you how wonderful it has been to see students get excited about writing a short story and even editing a short story... and then seeing them build on some of the little suggestions that have been made to them. When I got this job I never thought I'd have the opportunity to integrate as much of my communication studies (specifically the research that I did about blogging and education) as I have been. It's been more than marvelous. We're working on even more projects now. I'm a big proponent of reading what you have written out loud when you are editing it, so now with certain Language Arts assignments I will be recording mp3s of the students' narrations and working with them on editing errors in grammar, etc... as well as working on form, structure, and all that jazz. I did a trial recording today with a student using the handy usb mic that W. had lent me before he left town. I hadn't thought that I would have a use for it but as we can see now a use appeared without any hassle.

anyhow, that's all I have to report for now. Life will be a little quiet for awhile. I crazily considered getting a part time job for my afternoons... but that might have been the empty stomach playing tricks on my light head. I'll wait a few days and see if the urges of insanity subside.