trying to think like a child


This morning has been a quiet one in the classroom, I'm trying to change the language of a keynote presentation that I adapted from my paper about weblogs and educational hierarchies so that it can be easily understood by gr. 6 and 7 students. This is very difficult for me to do. I have to learn how to let go of all my academic phrasing and somehow describe things simply enough so that everything will still have the same meaning. Thinking like a child is very vexing.


  1. I had this very same problem teaching in Kentucky public schools; every new word I used was repeated and ridiculed by the class clowns and sometimes turned into nicknames they would shout at me in the halls. "Section" was a favorite I still have no idea what may have gone thru their little brains when they thought I invented a word. Rich, absolutely rich!
    all the best

  2. The one day I asked them what tree or bush the Liberry grew on?

    you don't know where the Liberry full of them books is... they responded

    count yourself lucky, I am sure your student speak English