on mobility and the condition of desklessness


I never used to be the type who enjoyed arriving for work early... mostly because I would go straight to my office and feel inclined to start working because I was at my desk. However, at the school I am mobile for the first part of my morning and I cannot start work until a specific time when I pull a student out of class for a one-on-one phonics program. And only after that do I actually get to head to my desk in the classroom at the end of the school.

So in these few minutes before I start work my brain can continue to muddle through what it started thinking about on the walk to work... This morning I lamented how my cold has now spread to my throat... and how yesterday afternoon's rather warm temperatures created the perfect conditions for this morning's icy and treacherous sidewalks.

I have far too many things to accomplish in the next short weeks and months... and currently I do not have the inclination or immune system required to really leap up and attack them. Perhaps it is because I arrived in FSJ to find my dungeon bedroom is disarray - a disarray that I was unfamiliar with because it was not my own. I may now have some sort of table/desk in my room but it is hardly appropriate for any of the work I need to get done. You see, in the house where I make my residence I am permanently mobile and most definitely suffer from the condition of desklessness.

but to work I go.