things that make me go hmm...


I'm quickly dozing off here but I thought I'd share with the world a couple of the things (stats mostly about blogs and such) that I discovered tonight.

From Feedburner:

Daily Circulation Readership Details (last 24 hours)

Bloglines 3
NetNewsWire 3
A Java-based feed reader 1
FeedFetcher -Google 1
My Yahoo 1
Yahoo-Blogs 1

From Bloglines:

  • I have five people who subscribe to my flickr photostream within blogger (five people subscribe to w.'s photostream within bloglines, two for my sisters a. & f., ).
  • and I knew about the 3 subscriptions within bloglines for my blog already through feedburner (w. also has three, my sister a. two)

anyhow, that's my bit of useless information for the night. It was just nice to know that I have my blog and photostream have a little bit of an audience. It almost makes me forget the horrendous cough I have that rattles my bones.

bon nuit.