balancing the scales


On the eve of stage II of job action I'm pleased to announce that I now have more hours to work. Starting tomorrow I will be working as an Educational Assistant II. I'm absolutely thrilled. The hours work perfectly with my schedule... as I will have afternoons and evenings free for school, and I will be working 20 hours a week... which will allow me to pay for the remainder of my tuition and perhaps save a little more money for much needed camera and computer equipment (and yes, paying back the rest of my debtors who refuse to take my offers of an organ in lieu of cash). I will get to work with kids in Language Arts (spelling, grammar, and reading proficiency) and Mathematics. I will also get to work a little with computers as the kids are part of the Wireless Writing Program. Hurray, hurrah, I'm happy.

What a nice way to balance out my earlier bout of melancholy. It feels good to have more purpose.

ps. Season 3 of Arrested Development is absolutely stellar. I insist that people watch it, whatever way they can. Season 2 comes out on DVD on October 11th, make sure that you rent it with Season 1 so you can understand the story and appreciate the absolute brilliance of the writing. It has to be my favourite show on tv, and if we don't offer our support it might disappear. Also good to watch, Extras with Ricky Gervais (who apparently is going to be on Arrested Development this season). And that concludes my conspicious pop culture consumption suggestions for the afternoon.