around the world


I was just demonstrating to my little bro the miracle of widgets. In response he said (in his deep man voice), "Apple is forging boldly into the future." The little boy's got vision.

This morning I found a postcard from my aunt and uncle who are off on a worldy excursion. This postcard came from Paris (although it didn't have any postage so I'm curious as to how it arrived at my house). I was looking through the Lonely Guide (Europe on a Shoestring) that my chum picked up the book store the other day, and I've spent the morning thinking about all the marvelous sights that I would like to see in the world. I know that once I finish my degree I need to go on a trip. It's a necessity.


  1. psst... please forgive my lack of techknowledge... but what's a widget?

    ...I wish I could go travelling again... take me with you...

  2. oh my darling cousin... no apologies necessary. Go here for a more in depth explanation of widgets.

    start saving your money now. I'm looking to go abroad as soon as I'm finished my degree.