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I never chronicled my abba mania experience. I guess I forgot to, but I experiencing some minor fatigue earlier this evening I seem to have received a second wind so I will share a condensed version of my abba experience.

On Friday W. and I attended Abba Mania. It was a funny experience, I fit into the middle age demographic as the majority of "concert" attendees were either in their late 40s or older or below the age of 10. I sat next to an elderly gentleman and I thought it interesting how he was able to enjoy the abba experience as much as his two granddaughters who were rocking out to the more popular ABBA songs (such as those included on the ABBA gold cd). A couple of things ruined the "experience" for me however. First: the unprofessional carnie manager who for some reason didn't realize that he could go directly into the booth and didn't need to shout to the lighting technician through the window. Second: the lacklustre stage setup. The band was set up to close to the performers and seemed to be crowding them. I've had to perform complex group choreography numbers on that stage, it's not that small. Third (and most significant): the horrible lighting. The lighting technician must have had some kind of shaking disorder because he couldn't keep the spotlight still, the performers were lit horribly , and all of the lighting effects were straight out of a cheeseball catalogue.

I wasn't expecting a quality performance... but it was more horrible than expected. I'll cherish the memory forever.