man, his castle, and a house of cards...


while I wait for some things to finish downloading I just thought I'd mention how today I met a man who is building a castle in his yard. It was interesting to say the least. I didn't take any pictures because it was raining and I wasn't brave enough to take out my camera (but probably a more accurate reason was that it was cold out and I just didn't feel like it). In other news I also played cards tonight, something which is a rare occurrence in my world. Shockingly it was actually enjoyable, but due more to the company than anything else. I have/had a great aversion to cards because it was what the phc (prostie-hypo-christian: a new term I'm going to popularize) loser ex fam & friends used to want to do all the time. But I didn't enjoy their company and I think that's what really made my general lack of interest in cards turn into something a bit more violent. My indulgence tonight has in no way turned me into a card shark due mostly to my continued aversion for mental math. My indulgence tonight has also not rekindled my desire to sharpen my mathematical skills because being a little dumb sometimes helps to soften the blow of repeated loss (another reason why cards have never been in my repetoire, I am a poor poor player). Anyhow, all of my files have finished downloading so I'll conclude with these gems

  1. If you believe in yourself and you are passionate you can accomplish almost anything, including building your own castle.
  2. Peer pressure can make us do many things including playing cards

Good night all (oh, and if you're looking for a good tv series, check out Weeds with Mary Louise Parker, it's fabulous).