pinching pennies


nor did i have your black hair
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I've been orienting myself to the little white beast... The poor machine has received a few scuffs in its time and when it gets going the harddrive chugs along like the little engine that could. The screen can in no way compare to the blazing beauty of d'ell (or silver bullet if you prefer, that's what the name it came with), but the screen isn't that terrible for when I'm just browsing the internet with my laptop curled up on my lap like a gentle purring kitten. It's good to have this little trial period with another laptop. It gives me the opportunity to adjust to the loss of 1920x1200 resolution. I'm trying to decide when I eventually replace my other laptop if I'm going to go with a 12inch or a 15inch powerbook. The debate never ends in my mind. I'm always thinking about spending money that I don't have.