miniaturized pony


hmmm... a few things to report on.

On the strike front, the BCTF's assets were frozen, which apparently means that they can't pay strike pay... but I haven't heard any news yet that the teachers are returning to work.

On the photography front, I took photos of my two brothers at the park across from my brother's house. The weather was very cooperative, it was sunny but still slightly chilly thanks to the brisk breeze that does not seem to go away. I'm pleased with the photos, I did a few edits to some of the shots I liked the best and posted them to a new photoset on flickr.

as far as the broken social scene is concerned (love that band name, it's brilliant), tonight I went to see this band from Kitchener and Waterloo area called The Miniatures. I liked them, I can't quite say that any of their songs were particularly memorable (I really only remember a Police cover that they performed), but it wasn't really a concert venue. First off, the pub/restaurant where they were performing was nearly empty... the stage has no stage lighting... the stage is tiny and barely fit the two performers... and people try to carry on conversations while the musicians are performing, which means that you are yelling at each other over the music. It's quite ridiculous actually. I liked to screw with people's minds and just mouth sentences at them because even if I were to yell they couldn't hear me.

so that's the story of my life until now. Enjoy and make sure to visit flickr and leave some choice words on some choice photos.

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  1. hey fella! do you like broken social scene? i just bought their cd the other day. um... you forget it in people or something like that. it's pretty good. where was this band playing?