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One kind word can warm three winter months.
Japanese proverb

I have had a hideous cough for several days now. What was a minor nuissance in the beginning has rancidified into something quite unpleasant. It wakes me from my deepest sleep and disrupts the zen atmosphere of my family home.

In other news I returned to work today. As a general rule I tend to dislike "work" but I am very fond of my current job so I was very excited to return. I do wish that I only had to concentrate on work, rather than this filthy combination of school and work... but I have to be content with my current situation. My relative good humour must be on account of the newness of my job and the recent photo excursion to the lake. Taking photos, even ones with seemingly no point or purpose, brings a lot of joy to my life. And so do your kind words that I expect to continually flow in, warming the depths of my heart and the upcoming cold winter months.