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There are reasons to avoid movies that have romantic story lines. Mainly, they are depressing when you live and work in a place with seemingly no romantic prospects. I should just stick to gritty dramas that make me feel good about my life.

One thing I have to feel good about, one of my flickr contacts wrote me a testimonial. Another thing to feel good about, I am feeling more positive about having to be in town for a little while longer. The teachers are on strike so that has put my job on hold for a little bit, but I am hoping that a resolution can be reached soon that will be of benefit to the teachers (although I am a little doubtful of that right now) and we can all return to work. I really enjoy the new school where I've been working, and I might get to do some work with blogging and computers. It's all very exciting. It's nice to have a purpose.

On another positive note, W. and I ran into our model from several weeks back and I am happy to report that she was extremely pleased with all the edits we did for her, and she gave us some fabulous feedback. I've been editing photos like crazy from the last portrait session that I did with W., M. and A. (some examples seen above) and posting them to flickr.

in conclusion... despite the strike and the lack of romantic prospects things are good. Which is much more positive news than what I usually write about on my blog. Cisca the good news was for you.