the battle of the sexes just got a whole lot sexier


In the age of dvd and special features I usually like to watch the trailer for the film I have just viewed just to compare how much the trailer might have given away about the plot, or how much the trailer misconstrued the plot. I find that the english trailers for foreign language films tend to present a very different story than the actual film. One such example is for the film Jet Lag, with Juliette Binoche and Jean Reno. It's a mildly amusing French romantic comedy, but not in the typical vein of the romantic fluff usually produced in North America. You really have to see the film in order to understand how the trailer completely misrepresents the story... it's quite ridiculous actually... Watch the trailer here. I was reminded about this phenomena of trailer misrepresentation a couple of days ago, when I came across a link about a contest winning [see trailer park] redux of The Shining trailer. The contest, Trailer Park (and I'm paraphrasing here) "is an editorial competition for AICE (Association of Indepent Creative Editors) assistant editors... their assisgment was to create a creative, compelling trailer from an existing feature film."

Here are links to a couple of the contest entries that people have come across online. They're all quite funny and worth the watch. I really admire the creativity and talent of some of these entries.

  • The Parent Trap (a lesbian coming of age story... this one came in 2nd place. To see it, go to Moondog, click on Paul Lacalandra’s name, and click on the image with “ordinary girls” written on it. )