bare bones post...


Friday afternoon I took pictures at the high school for one a possible project for one of W.'s classes. This photo is the model skeleton from my old biology 11 class. I just did some minor adjustments to the colour temperature and the levels. (That's about all I ever do).

Friday evening was very amusing... I went for a little festivus with the usual crowd, but there was an unexpected addition to the party that changed the mood somewhat, and put everyone on their best behaviour. It turned out to be a very amusing evening, but far too complex to describe in this bare bones blog post.

Saturday, I took to the road with W. and J. We stormed the stores of the Prairie Mall, watched an arm wrestling competiton in the food court, and feasted on sushi at the charming restaurant Tokyo Ichiban near Winners (which we did not get to on time), Jysk (which was closed), and Michaels (which had very slow service. It was a lovely road trip... we were enveloped in sound from W.'s stereo, we experienced a stunning sunset that we collectively refused to photograph, and I had the opportunity to tell very entertaining stories about my past romance. I had two very sympathetic listeners with me... thank you, you're both absolute darlings.

on tonight's agenda... The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy at the aurora cinema centre.

and a giant congratulations to my sweet friend Amber... who has completed her undergraduate degree at UofA, bought a condo, and moved to Calgary. All the best my dear!


  1. thank you darlin''s been a long road but I'm glad I did it. It is going to take me a LONG time to figure out this new city but I'm up for the challenge. Later babe!!