third wheel syndrome


now I'll state up front that I'm not feeling unloved nor am I in a state of depression. I'm in an unusually fine mood because I had an industrious day. I didn't really get the chance to feel bored... which is good because usually it is when I am bored that I become overly dramatic and melancholy.

However, despite my fine mood, I have still managed to find some items for discussion that can be classified as less than bubbly, or moderately lower on the cheerful scale than say an announcement that I have miraculously come into some money that will pay for the rest of my education. Such is not the case, so you may continue to wonder what will be dissected and dismembered in today's critique column.

Well as I recently lamented my continuing membership in the spinsterhood, today I will elucidate my continual battle with what I will term the third wheel syndrome. In most social situations I have the tendency to be an +1 or was invited by way of another. In most instances I have no problem with this, nor do the additional parties participating in those social situations... after all, if I did not come as +1 or live vicariously through more prominent socialites, I might have no social life at all and the world would not have the pleasure of interacting with the gem that I am. Eventually I lose my +1 status and become accepted as an almost fully functioning individual in that particular social circle. I say almost because every once and a while a circumstance arises that highlights my origins as a +1. It's not really so bothersome... my soul isn't crushed and I don't lie awake at nights contemplating the greater questions of life (ok maybe I do, but I would have done that anyways). The point is that I manage to get through it. I can't pretend that I have loads of other friends I can call up when some tentative plans I've made fall through. I usually end up at home, finishing laundry or reading a book. I can't pretend that my evening gets more exciting than that because that would be dishonest and everybody knows that dishonest people will burn in the firey furnance of hell (like how I just threw that one in there out of nowhere?).

anyhow. long and somewhat pointless but still helpful as it gave me the opportunity to vent blog post later... third wheel syndrome afflicts people with the BUF (back up friendship) gene. The BUF gene means that you are predisposed to offer support when needed, you're often the third wheel, and you spend evenings home alone doing laundry and reading books. Wait a minute... how the hell did I get back to talking about my membership in the spinsterhood association?

Anyhow, the sun is setting outside and it looks absolutely stunning. I think I'm going to take some pictures... screw the laundry and the books... those can both wait until after dark.

Completely unrelated... this week's free single from iTunes (Your Ex-Lover is Dead by the Stars) has the most hilarious intro... a deep voice intones "When there's nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire." Fabulous beginning...