don't let the screen door hit you on the way out...


My mother told me today that I was looking pale. That means I have to start spending some time outside in order to get some colour in my skin. In fact not only my mother told me I was looking pale... I was ambushed as I came up the stairs from my dungeon bedroom. Oh mein papa said I look yellow, my sister in law more or less agreed with my mother that I look sickly, and my two brothers will always say I look pale because they keep a tan all year long. The weather network is predicting fairly nice weather tomorrow which means I can take my computer with the beautiful screen but faulty keyboard thanks to the damn cat outside on the sundeck (which I will get to by exiting the sliding door and not the screen door).

This town is very amusing. It is impossible to be seen with anyone of the opposite sex without people automatically jumping to the conclusion that you are dating. My one friend (who for the sake of unnecessary anonymity shall remain nameless) told me a funny story where one of his coworkers was questioning him about me. It seems that we've gone to Walmart too many times together. In this town shopping at a big box store with someone is perhaps one of the most intimate acts you can share with a person. I was unaware of this... It is most unfortunate for the town gossips that here is nothing juicy to talk about regarding my love life. I have few friends and even fewer romantic suitors begging for my attention. At least I can be happy with the knowledge that my rep is not so bad. I am lucky to have a proxy/decoy boyfriend at my disposal.

Got the bad news that I have to pay at least $3500 by June 1st for my tuition DEPOSIT. I don't know how I'm going to do it. Just knowing how much $$$$$ I have to make to finish my degree is overwhelming. I'm not going to travel... I'm not going to be anywhere different next year. I'll be alone in my dungeon bedroom, with no friends in town... turning an even lighter shade of pale.

Summer sun you're my only hope...