light showcase


light showcase
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I like my job... it gives me plenty of opportunity to take photos. I can't really complain about that aspect of my work. Today I went to a talent showcase at Central and took this photo during the grand finale which involved a blacked out gym, performers dressed in black, classical music and glow sticks.

but my newly cut hair is starting to dry and I need to dry it before bed so I don't look ridiculous tomorrow. Lots of portrait opportunities coming up this weekend. Photographic partner W. has drummed up some "business" for portrait sessions before prom, as well as candid shot opportunities during the festivities. The groom from work returns tomorrow so we should have another wedding opportunity coming up soon.

bon voyage and bon nuit.


  1. Wow. Leave it to the mock-frenchies to give a real good show. There was never anything like that at Immaculata. In fact, the only talent show I recall included a couple girls the year above me doing a lip-synch/dance/act to that song "Chantilly Lace"... or whatever the title may be.