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The climb
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I'm so lazy that I'm recycling a blog post from the blog for my current course, but it has two different audiences so what the hell.

I started my new job today... in the wild world of radio. I think it's an interesting job selection as I don't really think at this time that I would really consider radio as a career option, as I tend to be to prefer behind the scenes production work more than being just a personality. Nevertheless I'm really excited about this job, in fact my friend today said I seemed positively giddy.

I think this is why I like short term positions or projects so much. Although I would like the stability of a long term position (or the stability of a sizeable inheritance), the short term projects I tend to get involved in keep me inspired and really energetic about the work that I am doing. It can be a little risky at times, because I'm often pushed out of my comfort zone and forced to do things I wouldn't normally do. But a little risk taking can be good. It gives us new experiences that only increases our knowledge and skillset. I tend to talk a lot like an employment counsellor, remnants of my days with HRDC perhaps.

It's late... I'm tired... and I must get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow. It's going to be election day and I get to be a report live from the office of the independent candidate. I was going to float between the candidates' office for both the Independent and the Green Party candidate (someone else already had dibs on the NDP), but since the Green Party candidate is in Whitehorse it looks like I'll have an even quieter night. It's the north after all, and even with my youthful optimism I can't forsee any real changes in the representation of this region.