go speed reader go...


I just finished David Sedaris' collection of short stories (or essays if you prefer) Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim. It was a very amusing and entertaining set of essays and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a humorous and witty read. I have borrowed another of Sedaris' works Holidays on Ice which I will probably start reading once I've made this blog post. I am catching up on the reading that I have not been doing of late... I have raided W.'s library and will also be reading The Restaurant at the End of the Universe as well as Steve Martin's Pure Drivel.

I anticipate finishing these books very quickly, since that is what I tend to do with everything I read. It is my sincere hope that my younger sister will remember to send me some more books to read as she claimed she would be doing weeks ago. I could try to slow down my reading, but I have this need for speed (without sacrificing comprehension of course), a habit acquired during my youth where I attempted to read as much as I possibly could before my parents discovered that I was reading (translation: having fun) rather than studying. (I admit that I'm exaggerating a wee bit here... my parents were benevolent tyrants who encouraged reading).

Oh... The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was entertaining... It seemed a bit empty at times, but it still had many very witty moments. Perhaps my favourite aspect of the film was the narration by Stephen Fry (of Jeeves and Wooster and Black Adder fame) and the animations for each narrated guidebook entry. And then of course there was the musical number during the opening credits as well as a marvelous scene with the oh so popular John Malkovich. I won't say much more because it's late, and I have some speed reading to do.


  1. Fella,
    Unfortunately, at this time my fundage is really bloody low. I'd love to send you those books, but I'm afraid it might lead to me starving before my next paycheque. I'm surviving on bare bones here. Sorry.