spinster's lament...


Applied for another job today... still waiting to hear about the other job I applied for... I've started to go a little stir crazy, probably because it has been lovely and sunny out and I haven't been struck by divine academic inspiration and felt like starting research for my next paper yet.

In an effort to expand my horizons and stretch my legs I took myself on a solo photo excursion this afternoon. It's been a while since it was just me and my camera taking pictures. I took a few nice photos, but I wanted to take some portraits and I didn't have my model muse with me to photograph against the lovely colours of the water "tower". I really need to find someone who does not mind getting their photo taken or can learn to not mind it that much (Cisca or Sandra come home for a weekend so I can take some portraits of someone other than my model muse... no offense w. darling, we just need to diversify every now and then).

So what's the intention of this evening's post besides trying to consume some of empty blocks of time that I have? Well I wanted to state that I would really like confirmation that I will have some type of regular and well paying summer employment very soon... and that I need to diversify my selection of portrait models... and that I think that one of these days, when I am emotionally mature enough, I should go down to the nearest grocery store and pick up a dashing PhD from the foreign food section. If they're all out of that, then I guess I'll just go to the bulk bin and get a bag of intelligent and amusing friends who will keep me entertained as I continue my ascent/descent into spinsterhood.


  1. what's your rate?

  2. don't worry about the descent...i'll keep you company.