something new every day...


That's a little phrase that I/We have been throwing into the mix for the last little while. It probably annoys people, but in addition to being a well known intellectual (caution: uber self esteem showing) I am also known to be somewhat obnoxious in certain company. Are the two related? I think it is very likely.

Anyhow, posted some new photos from another truly random and spontaneous photo excursion yesterday (to the industrial park no less). This shot of the chain link fence and the rusty gas paraphernalia with the jolt of electric green is possibly my favourite of the 104 photos I took yesterday.

However, on the subject of learning something new every day. I'm just starting to use certain features in Bloglines (my free web based feed aggregator). It's taken me awhile to discover certain features, like for instance the option to display items from a certain time frame other than my current session. Very useful... I don't know why I didn't use it before.

I recently broke the 2000 mark on my Flickr photostream. Currently I am at 2508 views, although that number is quite suspect.

That's all for now. It's a beautiful day outside and I think I'm going to do some selective laundry.