money gone in a flash...


venetian blind me (high contrast)whitening stripserenity nownothing to be ashamed of...waiting for my rocket to come

I sold my film SLR recently (sold to the lovely smiling girl in the photo next to the one of A. doing her best serenity now pose)... and instead of using the money for something useful (like say my next year's tuition) I bought a speedlite for my digital SLR. But it was worth it... a flash was next on my list of items to buy for my growing photography studio and I only had to pay taxes and shipping costs on top of what I sold the camera for. So, I did have to spend a little money, but using twisted logic one might argue that I purchased a flash for approximately $40. Yes, I think that's going to be my defense on this one.... a $40 flash was a deal I couldn't pass up.

I just received an email confirming that my item has been shipped, which is a really good sign. If the gods of the postal industry are pleased with me I might get lucky and the package will arrive by Friday. But the post has become notoriously slow these days, so I'm really not expecting the flash to arrive until next week. Which is fine and dandy I suppose... since I have a week's reprieve from my studies... and I will have some time to organize my life. I'll also be finished housesitting and childminding... both which I cannot wait to be over with.

At the top of this post I've included some of the portraits I added to my flickr photostream in the past weeks. To avoid any confusion, the one of me was not taken by me... rather it is another borrowed portrait taken with the same model SLR that I own and speedlite that I will soon have in my possession. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my digital SLR? It was possibly my best purchase of last year. Damn all you skeptics who thought it was a foolhardy and frivolous buy.

Anyhow... must get back to paper writing... now I anxiously await the arrival of my new speedlite just so I can give my photos a little more oomph and better lighting.