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I'll start with the bad news from yesterday. The cat where I am housesitting knocked over a glass of juice when it jumped on the table. I thought the juice was far enough away from my laptop, but apparently not... since several large drops managed to arc their way on to my keyboard. I had a bit of a breakdown as a result because the keyboard screwed up and way too much of my life is tied to my computer... (I was mostly worried about my schoolwork at the time.) Anyhow, most of the keys are working now, except for the Enter key which worked this morning then suddently stopped. This is why this post has absolutely no paragraph breaks. I'm hoping that the problem is only temporary because it is very annoying. I don't know how to get around not using the Enter key... does anyone have any suggestions? If you haven't been to flickr yet you don't know what you're missing. The quality and calibre of some of the photographs/photographers sharing photos on the site is absolutely incredible. I am continually amazed by how great the site is... More photos have gone up since my last post... from another excellent photo excursion the other day to all of the classic sites of FSJ and area. Part of the Northern Geographic Photography tour. Anyhow, typing without the usability of the Enter key is very annoying. This is probably the worst computer related problem that I've ever had (I've been pretty lucky so far... since I don't own any animals that like to attack technology). I had a great evening with some friends last night... the new team rebel ... it was a night of wine, banjo, and stage fighting and art theft. Fantastic... I highly recommend it. Please comment on the photos on my photostream. I'd love to know what people think.