the best worst time


I have been having so many computer problems lately (and by lately I mean yesterday and today). It is simply ridiculous. Yesterday my enter key stopped working (again), and today I have had to restart my computer at least seven times because the internet keeps cutting out and freezing things up. Not good at all.

Anyhow, on a lighter note... yesterday I had the one of the best worst times in the history of all my social outings in Fort St. John. I'll post a longer story sometime within the next few days, but let's just say... yesterday evening will go down in the record books as the most ecclectic event I have ever attended. Where else but FSJ would you find a mixture of cattle auction, boxing match, and supposedly black tie dinner?


  1. so, you are trying to pawn off a faulty compie to me and f. well i've caught on to your evil plot.. and i won't be fooled

  2. the damn compi wasn't faulty until the cat attacked it... you missed out on the deal of the century.