keyboard woes and shadow pose(s)


Originally uploaded by Tampen.
(not quite a rhyme but close enough) The enter key still isn't working but I found out how to remove my keyboard... wish me luck. The family members who were assisting me on this repair attempt have washed their hands of the ordeal. Anyhow... still pushing flickr on the unsuspecting masses. If you have any digital photos stored on your computer... or if you own a digital camera I highly recommend you signing up for a free flickr account uploading some to your own personal photostream. It's a great way to share photos with friends (you can make them private to only those you want to see them if you so desire). blah, blah... enough from me on that subject though. I still have to go and find some food - I went to do that a couple of hours ago but then I got sidestracked by washing and drying my hair which is a several hour process. Hopefully my keyboard problems will be solved soon and I will once again be able to make paragraph breaks... I'm still figuring out how to program a function key to act as enter, but so far I've got a few leads but nothing concrete. Someone just buy me a powerbook already... enough with this nonsense. (oh and the photo... this is a collection of photos from the shadowportraits group pool compiled by another flickr user - click on the photo to see who. Please note my photo at the bottom left hand corner. It's kind of a sepia tone with four shadows striking a pose. Search for the original on my photostream in this set )