rhapsody in blue


Photo Credits: Blue Saturation
Originally uploaded by wader.

My enter is key is working again! It's a little sluggish, but it works and I am eternally grateful to the team of computer technicians who assisted me on the repair.

Early yesterday evening my darling photography chum Wader and I went on another photo excursion to Taylor. Adventureous soul that he is (me not so much) he suggested a stop at the Taylor bridge and we found ourselves clambering up the ladder under the Taylor bridge to the catwalk. Neither of us had ever ventured on the catwalk before... as we seem to be saving the majority of our rebellion against societal norms for our twenties (i.e. taking photographs in grocery stores without permission, dancing down grocery aisles, and various other acts of arson in grocery stores... we like grocery stores what can I say).

It was a bit of a concern that we had waited too long to go out to take photos yesterday, but once we got towards the center of the bridge the sun was at a beautifully low point in the sky, and was casting a beautiful warm glow in all the right places and casting high contrast shadows everywhere else. You'll find a stunning portrait of Wader on my photostream. This photo that I've posted was taken by Wader and is possibly one of the best portraits of me I've ever seen. He's adjusted the levels in photoshop to really enhance the contrast... and his work does not go unappreciated. As many of you might know, although I love all colours, I am most fond of shades of blue, especially these deep shades of turquoise and cobalt.

(side note to Wade here... here's an idea for our gallery show theme or at least for future photo excursions, let's take more portraits in these kind of industrial settings with strong background colours of emergency yellow and fire engine red (I'm sure that if we call ahead we could even get into the firestation, but that would make it fire engine yellow I guess)... wouldn't a whole series of portraits like that be fabulous? We'll talk it over and plan some things.)

Anyhow, the afternoon is quickly carrying itself away from me. I have to format all the text for my flickr research paper that I couldn't format before when the enter key was unresponsive. The enter key is possibly the worst key to lose functionality of because it's so difficult to replace.

and once again go check out flickr...

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  1. Sounds like a plan. I think it's a brilliant idea. Oh, how is the slide project coming along?

  2. i agree, striking pic.
    from....numbah five