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I started my final course before my second residency today. The format has changed a little bit, but for the better since there are less group discussions. For that I am very thankful. I will spend the afternoon browsing through the unit notes (there are no PDFs for this course which I find quite annoying) and thinking of ideas for the case study about some major brand that I have to write. Methinks I'm going to choose Apple because they have such an elite cultish following.

Anyhow, it was a good weekend. My Friday and Saturday evenings were spent in two different households with equally charming company. Saturday afternoon involved some quick renovations/stunning transformations to the living room of W.'s temporary abode (many thanks to the owner of the household for allowing these transformations to occur).

Sunday was lovely and mellow with the exception of an unexpected phonecall from former boyfriend as I was walking across the parking lot to go to brunch. I did not want to talk to him, but I tried to be friendly and polite. The unsolicited phonecall had me somewhat shook up because he was scaring me with his request that we "talk for serious." Firstly, I think "talk for serious" sounds ridiculous, it would be better constructed as "I would like to have a serious talk/conversation/discussion with you about..." and I have no desire to go through any type of conflict with him again. Although I am poor and often complaining about this that and the other, I am currently very happy. I have amazing friends now that I would not have had if I was still in a relationship with the unsolicited phonecaller, and my overall mood has improved tremendously. That relationship, although it had its moments, is clouded with too much bitterness and unfulfillment. I just hope he leaves me alone... we hurt each other enough over the process of our relationship and I don't want to relive any of that again.

but... I have other more positive things to occupy my thoughts with.