wistfully wondering


hip to be square

It's amazing how much time one can spend just idly looking at interesting things on the internet (by which of course I mean flickr and other photography related things). I'm off to the city for the weekend, and I really looking forward for a chance to have new locations to shoot. Sure there are plenty of places around this area to take photographs of, but it's hard to be inspired in this location when I am by myself. I tried the other afternoon when I was walking home from work, but the pictures were hardly satisfying. Much of what I loved about taking pictures was going with someone who enjoyed the experience as much as me. So much of my early photography was not a solitary experience and it still feels odd to be crouched down taking a picture of some rusty hatch without someone kneeling in front of a broken and dirty bucket a few feet away. Maybe I'm just tired of this little city...

I'm looking forward to the summer during which I will be dedicated to taking many photographs. And perhaps I will actually push myself to shoot in RAW, which for some reason I have not tried yet despite it being on my list of things to do before really thinking about getting a new camera body. I have started to shoot in manual a lot more and I have been playing with white balance a little bit... but my knowledge of colour spaces is still pretty minimal (for shame). I need to buckle down and be a more serious hobbyist.

aye... many thoughts swirling in this head this morning. Nevertheless, I must be off to my legitimate work.