Now for some boring computer talk... This morning I woke up with computers on the brain. When I purchased my laptop I sacrificed hard drive space for a super screen. At the time a superior display was more affordable than an increased hard drive. However, as a result I am often working with very little free space on my computer. My first external hard drive decided to commit suicide at a very early age (only a few months after I had purchased it) so for quite some time I was without additional storage that would free up my measly 40GB laptop hard drive. I was also a little lazy and foolish and did not invest in a more powerful disk defragmenter. So the number of fragmented files continued to pile up and the performance of my computer has suffered.

Today I am trying to rectify that situation and I'm trying out Disk Defragmenter 10 (Professional Edition). It was a bit frightening at first to see the red sea of fragmented files... but I'm hoping that given time this program will improve the performance of my machine so I do not ecounter such sluggishness when editing my photos.

fingers crossed... it's been a time consuming task this spring computer cleansing and repair.

Unrelated to technology, I'm playing a sort of waiting game with other aspects of my life. It's rather frustrating since all I can do is wait. It's kind of like a chess game and you're waiting for the other player to make the next move. You can strategize for certain moves, but you're unsure as to what move they might make. But we can't force things to happen when we want them to. I may like to think that I'm all-knowing, but I'm certainly not all-powerful.