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tourist trap

There's something about "novelty" cameras that really appeals to me. I only own one film camera these days (my tiny Olympus point and shoot which I never use) and I shoot entirely digital. Sometimes, when I'm playing around in Photoshop I'll try to mimic the effects of these toy cameras, just to add something a little extra to my photos.

However, I think I'd like to actually try out one of the many toy cameras that are out there. The Lomographic Society International has a really comprehensive store that sells a lot of cool products that I would love to experiment with if I only had the money. But hey... birthdays, special holidays, anniversaries will always come up every year.

For the time being I'll continue to use my marvelous digital camera which serves me well (although I would not hesitate to replace the body with that of a 5D if I could afford it)... and I think I might make the progression to shooting with my father's old medium format camera. That would be kind of fun.