addiction & dereliction...


building with no name

I have an addiction to photography. It's become quite obvious to me. I have this desire to take my camera with me everywhere... and perhaps if I had someplace to put it during the day at work that was more secure I might... just so I could have my camera handy while I walked to and from work.

Last summer while I was in Victoria for school I had my camera with me everyday. It was such a wonderful place to shoot as there was lots of activity and interesting places that were new to me, despite my having lived there before. Victoria has such a picturesque quality to it... with old buildings and few highrises to impede the light. It's so different than FSJ which consists of bland housing developments of derelict structures that sometimes can have their own beautiful qualities.

However, I don't quite have the right equipment for architectural photography. I need a much wider angle lens... something of higher quality than the kit lens that came with my camera... something that can handle the scope of large buildings. I have such a lens of my deranged dream list of course.

but I'm off to start my Monday.