weary but not dreary...


It was an activity filled day at work today. I spent much of it outside as the school participated in Earth Day (a bit late) and the classes that I work with had their P.E. sessions outside. I walked home a little tired with a headache, but I felt like I had accomplished something today and that brightened my mood a bit.

In other news:

My long distance relationsip continues... most happily I might add. The beau will be coming to visit next month and in June I will be off to another city to meet up with the beau and his family. And then summer will be here, just like that.

While I was in Edmonton I picked up some medium format film from the sale bin at McBain. I'm hoping to try some of it out this weekend with my father's assistance. My technical photography skills are a little weak so before I take any pictures I will be re-reading my Understanding Exposure book. I might try out a roll or two and then shoot some portraits on the May long weekend when the beau and chum of all chums come to visit. Then I can send the rolls back with the boys to be processed in the city.

Today for some reason at work I got into a conversation about my last summer job. I didn't leave my position on a postive note (not my choice) but thinking back about the work I was doing made me laugh. I was sent to places and had to talk about and sell things that were totally out of character for me. But at least it all provided me with a good story or two.