language barrier


oh how embarassing and frustrating it can be to be incapable of communicating with my relatives. My aunt from Italy just called... and I could understand just bits and pieces of what she was saying, but I couldn't even construct anything remotely resembling a sentence. My mind was trying to translate from English to French and then to Italian. I realized this once I started answering her with oui instead of si.

She probably hung up the phone and thought, "what an idiot"... oh the shame.


  1. I know the feeling. None of my family seem to understand me, and we all speak the same language.

    Your pictures are inspiring because they capture something you would never be able to see in life. That's when it's art. They make my thoughts swell, my overwhelming reaction to them is that they are beautiful and beauty, to me, is the best inspiration.

    I envy your ability to see such beauty, while I see beauty, I often feel unable to capture it as an image, it always comes to me in words. And we all know how inefficient that can be. I'm writing now like I'm talking to you. I always mean to be brief and incisive, however, I'm invariably lengthy and dull. Anyway, it's late. Thank you.

  2. commuter blue, thanks for your comments. I'm always surprised when I hear that my photos have been able to communicate something to others. I am very much an amateur when it comes to photography, so it is really encouraging to read how you have responded to my attempts to capture what I see around me through image instead of words.

    At times my own verbosity tires me... and despite having plenty to say about the beauty around me, I am unable to put things into writing in any coherent fashion. It is then that I turn to the visual medium, hoping that the simplicity of the image can express what my words cannot.

    Thank you, you've left me inspired as well.